Funny for kids and safely world for parents …

you can safely entrust your children In the colorful environment of the Wosy Club where a lot of fun and different activities await them .

Another taste of games and funs in nature

Children's laughter  fades with nature's voice in greenery private playgrounds! In the mini-aquapark that designed for children has children's pools and special menus for children to having a happy holiday at Sunrise.
The WOSY Club thinks of everything for children to have fun on holiday, to win handicrafts to help with their development, to socialize with games and to experience experiences that they will not forget with various activities.

Within the WOSY Club program; Special funny activities for each day, night parties, shows, mini disco, children's festival, sports and nature activities.
Wosy Club has different activity programs for 4-7 and 8-12 age groups. The activity areas and instructors of both age groups are different.

WOSY CLUB activities

  • WOSY Club Olympics: On certain days of the week, award-winning competitions are held to  specific age groups.
  • Mini Disco
  • Garden Festival
  • Pool Olympics
  • Survivor on the beach
  • Inflatable Games
  • Outdoor Cinemas
  • Games; Kite festival, fashion gateway
  • Board Games: Jenga, Uno, Skibbo, Memory
  • Skill Development: painting , hand work, dance course, baking cookies and pizza
  • Sports Activities: Football, water gym, morning gym
  • General Games: Dart, tin tilting, balloon blasting, mini bowling
  • Themed Activities: Turkish, Indian, Hawaiian and pirate-themed entertainments
  • Surprise Games
  • Children's Festival
    Specially planned Activities for 2 to 4-year-olds in playgrounds  in the safe environment under the supervision of coaches cause to Children and kids enjoy their holidays . kids who played games and activities in the Sunrise Specially Game playground Can not leave this place .

    The playgrounds where 2-4 year old children will have fun with their parents are waiting for you at WOSY Mini Star Club.
    For 13-16 age group, young people are having a holiday that they can not forget.

    While young people have fun on the one hand, they experience different cultures and languages and socialize on the other. Sports activities, games, parties and courses are turning into memories that they can not forget their holidays.

  • Dance course
  • Dart Game
  • Water Polo
  • Archery
  • Basketball
  • Beach Volley
  • Climbing Wall
  • Dj Course
  • Inflatable Games
  • Pool Games
  • Playgrounds on the beach
  • Night Tournaments
  • Teen Olimpic Day
  • Playstation Tournament
  • Teenage Beach Party
  • Teenage White Party
  • Football

  • Nature and Sports Activities;
  • Quad Safari *
  • Horse farm*
  • Climbing Wall
  • Paint Ball *
  • Adventure Park *

  • Marked activities are fees.
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